"Bethani's warm, infinitely appealing, well-trained voice makes Go Within a real winner, strongly evoking an aura of grace."  NAPRA Review

    Bethani's music touches the soul.  There is healing here, and light.  The lyrics, arrangements and Bethani's soaring, passionate vocals have a power that reaches both the depths of our emotions and the height of our spiritual yearnings.  To listen is to clear the mind and open the heart to heavenly grace.

     And that grace goes beyond the essential, primal messages of love, forgiveness and the power within us all to heal ourselves and call richness into our lives and the lives of those around us. There are the calming, centering affirmations of Lead Me to the Light, I Release and Let Go and It is Enough, the lyrical, dreamy images of Go Within and Passion Prayer, the purity and reverence of I Love You Lord, the jazzy syncopation of Come in to the Quiet, and the joyful celebration of the gospel-infused Spirit Set Me Free.

     All these feelings, all these thoughts, all these colors of our spiritual selves are revealed and enhanced by this music, these songs, this experience.

     Listen to this music in solitude, share it with those you love, and it can only bring joy and peace to your world.

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